Satellite ground receiving stations

A key sector for eOsphere is its satellite ground receiving stations which have been designed, built and exported throughout the world for the reception and processing of low to medium resolution Earth observation satellite imagery. Typical customers are meteorological institutes, environment agencies, ministries for fishing and coast guards. Recent project locations include: Mongolia, Cuba, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Greece.

EO for sustainable development

eOsphere’s work has been creating a positive impact in countries throughout the world for over 12 years. However, more recent work has focused on addressing the areas highlighted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. In particular, eOsphere are using satellite Earth observation (EO) to provide improved severe-weather and climate resilience for Mongolian herding communities and better pasture management supporting herders in Kyrgyzstan.

Recent work

While our work is diverse, our projects are linked by a focus on using satellite imagery to better understand the environment.



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