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Our Company:

eOsphere is a UK SME focused on Earth observation applications with a proven 20-year track record working around the world with local teams building operational systems to provide environmental information feeding into national services. At the heart of all of eOsphere’s work is an emphasis on making satellite data usable for their clients. eOsphere are using satellite Earth observation to provide improved severe-weather and climate resilience to communities around the world. eOsphere are experts in Open Data Cube technology, visualisation systems and extracting key information from large volumes of data and delivering this in products meeting end-user requirements. eOsphere has considerable experience in developing dashboards to analyse satellite-derived products, serving a range of end-users. In particular, a Decision Support System (DSS) has been designed to support sustainable fodder crop production in Mongolia.

Our Partners and Clients:

We work independently with all global data providers of satellite images and data.

Our clients range from national entities (including ministries, coast guards, data agencies) to international organisations (i.e. ADB, UKSA, ESA) and private sector companies.

We work closely with universities, research institutions and space agencies to develop innovative and cost effective services for our clients.

For many years we have worked for and with the European Space Agency in a number of research and development contracts (see projects) but are also working with other major space agencies such as the UK Space agency.



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