ADB Sustainable Fodder Management

The Sustainable Fodder Management project is part of an Asian Development Bank initiative to improve the rangeland pasture conditions in central Asia. These rangelands are suffering from unpredictable and severe climate events known as dzuds, which have been growing in frequency and severity due to climate change. Hence, to protect rural communities and increase food security it is necessary to manage rangeland pastures such that they can sustainably support livestock animals.

eOsphere’s role in this initiative is to develop a dashboard, known as the Decision Support System (DSS), to facilitate decision making by MoFALI staff to promote sustainable fodder management practices in Mongolia. The DSS uses satellite Earth observation data and national statistical data to provide an efficient means for monitoring environmental parameters, such as pasture and snow, over large regions. By providing an interactive and visual means of analysing the data the DSS facilitates improved pasture management decisions and allows preparations to be made when harsh conditions are developing.

The Sustainable Fodder Decision Support System and its contents have been developed by eOsphere with the support of the Asian Development Bank and the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction.

The DSS has been developed and installed on physical servers in the Mongolian National Data Center. It utilises a Postgres database as the primary data storage for non-EO data sources, and some EO derived metrics. The satellite EO data is provided via the Mongolian Data Cube, hosted at NAMEN, which was developed as a part of the SIBELIUs project. This system autonomously collects, processes and stores public broadcast satellite EO data for use by the Mongolian Agricultural ministry.

The main features of the DSS include:

     Satellite products: Optical, Pasture and Snow.

     Public domain data: Livestock Numbers, Fodder Production and Fodder Price.

     GPS animal tracking.



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